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As we continue to navigate unchartered workplace waters, employers are regularly facing novel and challenging scenarios. Although there is a lot of information available, it is often not tailored to your needs or situation.

In response, Justitia is launching Just Ask Justitia, a new and exciting initiative to provide free, timely and practical responses to your specific questions.

Just ask your questions via this link. Questions will then be collated and answered during a series of 30 minute virtual Q&As, where you will have access to members of our team. And if we don’t get to your question, look out for the agenda for the next session. The questions to be answered will be advertised on LinkedIn in advance – so be sure to befriend us here!

Our next session will be on the 10 May 2021 at 11am. Registration is open here. In our upcoming Just Ask Justitia Session 6, Kelly Ralph and Taboka Finn will answer questions on the topic of Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace. Please submit your questions for this session here.

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Past Sessions

Session 6 (29 April 2021)

Kelly Ralph and Nicola Martin answered the following questions:

  • Should an employer formulate a log of claims prior to commencing enterprise bargaining? When do we introduce our log of claims to our employees and their union representatives?
  • Do you have any simple tips to keep bargaining discussions on track and productive?
  • We would like to terminate an employee’s employment on the basis of serious misconduct. Do we still need to apply procedural fairness?
  • Spent convictions – I’ve heard that employers can no longer discriminate on the basis of old convictions when employing new employees or maintaining the employment of existing employees. Is this correct?
  • Are we are still required to keep hard copies of onboarding documentation, such as employment contracts, TFN forms and superannuation forms?

Session 5 (24 March 2021)
Recording can be accessed here. As the rollout of Australia’s COVID19 vaccination program continues, the issues and impacts of the rollout on workforces remains front of mind for employers. Our own Graham Dent and Taboka Finn were joined by barrister Gemma Cafarella to answer the following questions; to listen to their specific answers please click the links below:

  • Would it be a lawful and reasonable direction for an employer to require an employee to get vaccinated? Answer.
  • Would requiring employees to have the vaccine be a reasonably practicable measure under OHS law? Answer.
  • Is the Charter likely to prevent Public Sector employers requiring employees to be vaccinated? Answer.
  • Should employers bear in mind privacy implications when gathering medical information about employees? Answer.
  • What happens if an employee refuses to be vaccinated even if it is mandatory? Can an employer take disciplinary action? Answer.
  • How do you deal with an employee who refuses to attend work as they know their colleagues are not vaccinated? Answer.

Session 4 (18 February 2021)
Recording can be accessed here. This session is for organisations who are covered by the Victorian Reportable Conduct Scheme as administered by the Commission for Children and Young People. Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities for children are required by law to implement policies and procedures consistent with the Child Safe Standards to protect children from harm. Sarah Rey and Taboka Finn focused on the obligations of organisations (which will include local government, public sector and sporting organisations in addition to educational institutions) to deal with reports of misconduct or abuse.

Session 3 (4 February 2021)
Recording can be accessed here. Magda and Kelly answered the following questions; to listen to their specific answers please click the links below:

  • We would like to reduce our overheads and are looking at introducing a permanent hybrid model where employees must work 2 days a week from home. Can we do this? Answer.
  • Some of our employees expressed concern about celebrating Australia Day and have asked to work the public holiday and have another day off. Can we agree to this? Do we have to? Answer.
  • I have heard that there was a case about casuals last year, and that things have changed. What is the latest? What does my business need to know? Answer.
  • During lockdown it became obvious to us that we no longer require a certain job. We are now going to make this job redundant. Due to COVID, do we have to do this differently? Does it matter that this redundancy is not to save money? Answer.

Session 2 (10 December 2020)
Recording can be accessed here. Magda and Taboka answered the following questions; to listen to their specific answers please click the links below:

  • We’re heading back into the office soon – can we require people who have been working from home this whole time to come back in? Answer.
  • If a person refuses to return to the office, does it constitute a flexible working request under the NES? Answer.
  • What reasonable grounds can an employer use to refuse such a request? Answer.
  • I am worried about work functions or events. Without a vaccine can staff refuse to attend? Answer.
  • Can a person be restricted or prohibited from attending their place of work if they refuse to be vaccinated? Answer.

Session 1 (26 November 2020)
Recording was available for 3 months. Please contact our office should you wish to access it again.


On 19th April 2021, Melissa Scadden and Taboka Finn provided their insights on some of the most important employment law issues affecting the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out in Victoria. The digital event ‘Vaccinating Victoria’ was presented in collaboration with the Victorian Council of Social Service. Click here to view Melissa and Taboka’s presentation.


Please refer to the Just Ask Justitia section above for our next session.


19 April 2020 – Vaccinating Victoria (in partnership with Victorian Council of Social Service)
Recording can be accessed here.

5 November 2020 – Supporting staff as restrictions ease | Part Two: Q&A Session
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27 October 2020 – Supporting staff as restrictions ease | Part One
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18 August 2020 – Tips for Effective Remote Performance Management
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30 June 2020 – Managing the Return to the Physical Workplace
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27 May 2020 – Riding out the Pandemic – From the Perspective of the Employer (Justitia collaborates with Victorian Women Lawyers)
Recording can be accessed here.

14 May 2020 – Workplace Investigations in NFPs and Charities
Recording can be accessed here.

6 May 2020 – Free Webinar: Implementing Private Sector Redundancies in the COVID-19 era
Recording can be accessed here.