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  • Evolve Communities and Indigenous cultural awareness raising
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Evolve Communities and Indigenous cultural awareness raising – Interview with Carla Rogers and Aunty Munya of Evolve Communities – March 2022

March 1, 2022|

Carla, a non-Indigenous learning designer, and Aunty Munya, an Aboriginal Elder, met in 2011 while working together on a Community Engagement project in remote Western Australia. They knew right away that they shared the same values and vision of a kinder, more inclusive Australia. A value many of us share and that resonates with Justitia! 

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Starting 2022

February 21, 2022|

Whilst we are off to a flying start, there remains much uncertainty to navigate. How do we transition back to a hybrid workplace and support our team against a very different COVID landscape? How do we foster a positive workplace culture in light of the toll of the last two years?

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Time to Return to the Workplace? Directing Employees who want to Exclusively WFH

February 8, 2022|

The COVID-19 pandemic has required many employers to pivot their business and enable their employees to work from home. Employees have needed to learn how to balance work and home life in a completely new way. So how do employers transition their workforce back into the office? And what if employees have medical reasons for not wanting to return to the workplace? 

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Experience of Sexual Harassment in Australia

January 23, 2022|

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released new analysis of its latest Personal Safety Survey. The ABS analysis reveals the need for a broader, ongoing conversation about sexual harassment in Australian communities.

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The Importance of Supporting all Participants During a Workplace Investigation

January 16, 2022|

Organisations can often overlook providing all the necessary support to their staff during a workplace investigation, which can be disruptive and distressing. When an investigator is first engaged, it is not uncommon for HR practitioners to distance themselves from the parties involved in an effort to reinforce the neutrality of the investigation process.

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Navigating COVID-19 Staff Testing if you are a SME

January 6, 2022|

Some businesses have already entrenched practices about regular testing of staff with Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) where they have to be in a shared workplace or interact with third parties. These businesses will generally have their RAT suppliers secured. However such avenues and attendant costs are not viable for many.

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