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Business Essentials Daily Podcast

A change to casual employment rules

The federal government is considering amending the definition of a casual employee. This will have significant impacts on employers and how they use casual staff in their workforce, as well as what defines a suitable casual contracted employee.

Justitia Senior Associate, Janet Tan joins Chris Ashmore on the Business Essentials Daily podcast where she discusses the potential penalties if employees are misclassified.

Lawyers Weekly Podcast Episode

Why part-time lawyering works for me

Meg Crawford joins Jerome Doraisamy as she shares her experience on what her three-day working week set-up looks like and how she makes it work with her firm, changing views on what it means to be a legal professional, how those coming through the ranks can explore part-time working arrangements with their employers if they have other pursuits in mind, shaking off traditional mindsets of the volume of work required of lawyers, and how she feels optimistic about the sustainability of her more holistic approach to her career.

VLGA Connect Podcast Episode

Workplace Investigations and………Workplace Investigations

Sarah Rey joins Steve Cooper at Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) as they discuss all you need to know about workplace investigations- the common dynamics, breaking down the steps, legal privilege and confidentiality, some recurring mis-steps, essential ingredients and life after the investigation’s conclusion.


  • Workplace investigation deemed deeply flawed and lacking rigour, reinstatement ordered

Workplace investigation deemed ‘deeply flawed and lacking rigour’, reinstatement ordered

November 17, 2023|

A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) highlights the importance of conducting thorough and fair workplace investigations. In Crook v CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd, the FWC reinstated an employee who had been dismissed for engaging in inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature towards a new female trainee, following a flawed investigation.

  • Employers Need To Investigate Their Work Practices Before They Sack

Employers need to investigate their work practices before they sack, not afterwards

September 22, 2023|

A recent Fair Work Commission decision reinforces that employers must take care with their investigations of misconduct, and determine whether a work practice has been condoned by management before sacking staff. In this case, the Commission reinstated three employees who had been summarily dismissed due to a policy breach.

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