Boutique workplace relations law firms Justitia and Toop Workplace Law merge

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2 July 2024

Boutique workplace relations law firms Justitia and Toop Workplace Law merge

Boutique Melbourne workplace relations law firms Justitia Lawyers and Consultants and Toop Workplace Law are pleased to announce a merger, which came into effect on 1 July 2024. The merged firms will continue to operate as Justitia Lawyers and Consultants.

Justitia has carved out a highly respected niche as the go-to firm for handling sensitive and challenging complaints and conflict, in addition to providing the full range of employment law advice to in-house HR and legal teams. The firm works primarily with Victorian State government agencies, local government Councils (providing both employment and governance support), and large not-for-profits and corporates. It has a highly respected workplace investigations practice; is retained by a number of government regulators for investigation work; and also handles child safety issues.

Toop Workplace Law works primarily with corporates across a broad range of sectors including professional services, health, transport and logistics, construction and engineering, technology and retail, as well as in the education sector. The firm also has extensive experience supporting organisations with respect to mergers and acquisitions, Fair Work Commission proceedings, due diligence and privacy law, and is privileged to work with a range of not-for-profit organisations.

Justitia Managing Partner Melissa Scadden said both firms value their fiercely loyal following of clients, which are indicative of deep, trusting and collaborative work relationships, and this was one of the key reasons for the strong growth of both firms over many years. Justitia celebrates its 20th birthday next year.

“I have always believed that Justitia offers something special to its clients and team, a refreshing and much-needed alternative to the traditional way of practising workplace law. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and people, and we don’t let egos get in the way,” Ms Scadden said.

“For some time now, we have been looking to grow our presence in the industry, but we haven’t wanted to compromise on the values that make us who we are. So it is with much excitement that we announce this merger with Toop Workplace Law. Jess Toop and her team are not only excellent lawyers, more importantly they are wonderful people who share our vision of what this job can and should look like. I really look forward to working with them to collectively build something remarkable together.”

Partner Jess Toop said she was excited about the possibilities the merger presents for current and prospective clients to access an even greater depth of legal talent and expertise, as well as complementary services such as investigations and conflict resolution.

“Our clients keep coming back as they appreciate our turn-around, pragmatic approach and capacity to keep them out of court. I am looking forward to communicating to our clients, as well as prospective ones, our increased capacity and expanded range of services in light of the merger,” Ms Toop said.

Both firms were founded by women and have been recognised for their strong and positive cultures which include sophisticated mentoring and an emphasis on workplace flexibility for their staff, many of whom are working parents or have other responsibilities.

“I originally set up my firm to continue delivering excellent client service and to share legal expertise in a highly pragmatic way, while providing flexibility for myself and my team, something the legal profession has struggled with,” Ms Toop said.

“What both Justitia and Toop Workplace Law have been able to demonstrate separately, and will now continue to demonstrate together, is that responsive client service and sustainable lawyering can go hand in hand and lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.”

“It is important to understand what constitutes value to our clients from both a cost and service point of view. Justitia and Toop Workplace Law have always focused strongly on this for our clients, and we are excited about continuing to deliver on this and much more.”

Both Justitia and TWL have received numerous accolades and awards over the years, including being recognised by the highly-regarded and peer-reviewed Doyle’s Guide. In addition, Justitia’s recognition includes winning the prestigious Law Institute of Victoria’s Law Firm of the Year award, awards for leadership and mentoring and being recognised by the Best Lawyers Guide.

For further information, please contact:

Melissa Scadden

Managing Partner

0427 715 044

Jess Toop


0403 020 227