Conducting Workplace Investigations – Remote Learning Programme

Tuesday 11 June, Thursday 13 June
Tuesday 18 June, Thursday 20 June

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This programme is ideal for anyone who is interested in:

  • Learning about best practice in conducting a workplace investigation
  • Understanding how it can enhance your complaint handling processes
  • Reducing, if not preventing, inappropriate workplace behaviour through fair investigations and disciplinary outcomes.
  • Implementating your Gender Equity Action Plan as it relates to preventing sexual harassment
  • Ensuring readiness in Victoria for the new Psychosocial Regulations and ensuring your processes are victim-centric and trauma informed

Failure by an employer to conduct timely, thorough and fair investigations commonly leads to employees disputing the findings of an investigation. Justitia offers this programme to support investigators and organisations build their capacity in this important area.

It provides a further opportunity to hone skills as well as workshop how to deal with typically difficult scenarios and investigation challenges. Whilst this programme is for participants with some experience conducting a workplace investigation, it can be tailored to the needs of investigators and managers with varying levels of experience.

Our programme follows standard practice principles for conducting workplace investigations through Justitia’s Six Step process. Topics to be covered include:

  • Issues to consider when determining whether a formal investigation is necessary
  • Challenges with scoping an investigation
  • Communications during an investigation
  • How to draft effective allegations
  • Considerations when gathering and assessing evidence
  • Refresher on interview techniques and trauma-informed approaches
  • Update on procedural fairness and assessing credibility
  • Record-keeping and confidentiality
  • Fundamentals in report – writing

The programme is based on adult learning principles and was developed by experienced workplace investigators who are also practicing employment lawyers. Training content is presented during the discussion of a typical investigation scenario in conjunction with a detailed workbook.

Participants are able to discuss legal requirements and best practice in the context of recent caselaw, and are encouraged to bring along their challenging situations for discussion.

Who should attend?

The programme is ideal for anyone who conducts workplace investigations in-house, an investigator looking to refresh their skills or someone wanting to learn about recent legal and practice developments in workplace investigations.

Why Justitia?

Justitia lawyers are highly sought after for our expertise in conducting and advising on workplace investigations.

We are passionate about helping clients and our community develop their insights on what a fair and effective investigation should look like.

We are experienced in creating a satisfying and supportive learning experience online through highly-interactive, evenly-paced and accessible sessions.

Group size is usually small to increase interaction and encourage questions and group discussion.

Justitia’s programme is led by Sarah Rey who is an experienced trainer and investigator with over 25+ years’ experience, AWI-certified and a leader in the workplace investigations industry. She co-founded the Australasian chapter of the Association of Workplace Investigators (US), and was AWI director for four years.

Course Duration

Our programme is delivered over two weeks, comprising two, 2-hour sessions each week (Tuesday and Thursday), starting at 9:30am.

The programme includes independent study, consisting of pre-reading and homework, in addition to the eight contact hours (online).

What others have said about the benefits of our training

“The four workshops were perfect. It was easier to tackle the content and the regularity made it easy to consolidate the learning. I wouldn’t have absorbed the same level of knowledge if the session was one long day. Having four sessions gave me time to reflect and consolidate on each section of the content.”

“Working alone/remotely here in the country and absent colleagues with whom I can routinely bounce ideas or be mentored it was a delight to participate and learn from you both these past couple of weeks. I hope to be able to engage with Justitia further in the future.”

“I really enjoyed working with the others and being able to do some role playing – it was definitely nerve wracking as an investigator wanting to probe compared to being a quiet Catherine. I also enjoyed having the speakers on board talking about their experiences and touching on aspects that I never really thought about. The templates you have provided will 100% be helpful as I grow in my career within HR. The both of you were great facilitators and very helpful in each session. I honestly wish it was longer ha-ha.”


You can register for this course for $1,900 plus GST. A licence to use Justitia’s five key template documents within your organisation is included in the programme fee. These are valued at $495 plus GST.

If you would like to roll this programme out in your organisation, we can discuss your requirements.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this programme, participants will:

  • Increase confidence in understanding the A to Z of workplace investigations
  • Be familiar with a best practice process for carrying out an investigation
  • Acquire or enhance skills for conducting a procedurally fair investigation
  • Discuss how to deal with common challenges faced by investigators
  • Learn more about record keeping, confidentiality, legal professional privilege

Contact and questions?

Please contact Sarah Rey on 03 8621 4545 if you would like to discuss our programme.

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