In each session of Just Ask Justitia, we provide free, timely and practical responses to questions posed by our community.

In session 6, Kelly Ralph and Nicola Martin answered the following questions:

  • Should an employer formulate a log of claims prior to commencing enterprise bargaining? When do we introduce our log of claims to our employees and their union representatives?
  • Do you have any simple tips to keep bargaining discussions on track and productive?
  • We would like to terminate an employee’s employment on the basis of serious misconduct. Do we still need to apply procedural fairness?
  • Spent convictions – I’ve heard that employers can no longer discriminate on the basis of old convictions when employing new employees or maintaining the employment of existing employees. Is this correct?
  • Are we are still required to keep hard copies of onboarding documentation, such as employment contracts, TFN forms and superannuation forms?