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Fostering a safe workplace: The employer’s positive duty to protect the mental health of staff

December 7, 2023|

Identifying a workplace’s specific psychosocial risks is not easy. It not only requires research and evidence to inform decision making, but sometimes brave decisions by leaders when their managers are not acting on information they receive about risks, or in fact when that manager themselves is the problem. Creating a safe workplace requires vigilance, empathy, and action from its leaders.

Workplace investigation deemed ‘deeply flawed and lacking rigour’, reinstatement ordered

November 17, 2023|

A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) highlights the importance of conducting thorough and fair workplace investigations. In Crook v CITIC Pacific Mining Management Pty Ltd, the FWC reinstated an employee who had been dismissed for engaging in inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature towards a new female trainee, following a flawed investigation.

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