Magda Marciniak is a Partner at Justitia Lawyers and shares her passion and purpose for choosing a career in employment law.

Have you always wanted to be a lawyer? Were there other career avenues you were interested in pursuing?

 At university I initially studied psychology. However, I was struggling to enjoy subjects like statistics (which was a part of my psychology degree). Eventually, I made the decision to transfer to law. Once I was in law school, I knew I very much wanted to become an employment lawyer.

What drew you to employment law specifically?

I think it was the fact that the whole area is about people. It’s all about how people work together and how to resolve problems. I think first and foremost, people are the greatest resource that companies have. Ultimately, people have to be happy at work – an organisation is just its people.

I also enjoy working with diverse organisations and understanding their values. Different organisations approach things in varied ways – they may have policies, objectives or cultures that can be quite different. Part of my psychology studies at uni (before I went into law) involved industrial and organisational psychology. I am very interested in how to motivate people and how to create a harmonious work environment; how to support people and play to their strengths.  These are ideas that were always bubbling away in my mind – and they still do.


What is something that you enjoy about working with clients?

I endeavour to have good relationships with all of my clients so that they always feel supported. I always want the people I work with to trust me, and know that they can be honest with me and let me know if they do not understand something. I try to be authentic in all my interactions and do not pretend to know something when I do not. But I can always work it out!

This is something we really encourage at Justitia – we want to have positive and ongoing working relationships with clients. I want clients to feel like I am genuinely helping them.

I also don’t want people to feel intimidated by lawyers. I would hope that people see employment lawyers as a valuable resource and for our clients to know that we will do the best that we can for them. When I wake up in the morning I am already thinking about the best way I can help the clients I will be dealing with that day. Being a trusted advisor to someone is ultimately what I strive for and is something that I really enjoy.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?

 Being a lawyer can be really stressful, you have to give 110% every day. You have to be at the top of your game even when you feel unwell or exhausted. This means that time away from work is really important. I think this is something that lots of people have realised during the pandemic.

Employment law can also involve quite technical advice and dealing with complex scenarios, but I feel lucky that I am in a job where I am able to problem-solve every day. It’s incredibly stimulating. I don’t take it for granted and always remember where I came from, because not everyone gets the career they want, and there are people much smarter and kinder than me who didn’t get the same chance.


You are a Partner at the firm and therefore, a very important part of Justitia. When you pictured a legal career, is this a role you ever saw yourself in?

I always wanted to be in the law long-term and I love being a lawyer. I always thought I would be in the law until I retired, but I didn’t always have a definitive picture of what my legal career would look like. However, I always knew I wanted to be working alongside other lawyers and to be amongst a good team of people – I never wanted to work individually.

I also knew I wanted to be in a position where I was able to mentor developing lawyers. I did not necessarily expect or envisage myself becoming a Partner, but I thought I would enjoy a senior role where I was able to assist others and help to shape the culture of an organisation.


Finally, I know you enjoy travelling. Where is the first international destination you are hoping to visit now that international borders have reopened?

I do love travel. I especially love running around New York (not literally) and visiting my secret beach in Thailand, but I have also missed my regular trips to see my family in Poland. I also enjoy doing retreats and courses and am excited to get back to the Omega Institute, so that might be one of the first spots, once it is safe.


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Magda Marciniak was interviewed by Madi Wynen.