Whilst our aim is to keep our clients out of courts and tribunals, we recognise that sometimes formal dispute resolution or litigation is unavoidable. At Justitia we think it is important to work efficiently, minimising costs, stress and inconvenience where ever possible. Our focus in these matters is always on obtaining outcomes for our clients that are commercial and cognisant of reputational risk.

Justitia has extensive experience in conducting litigious matters in the Victorian Magistrates’ Court, County Court and Supreme Court as well as the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia. We also represent clients before the Fair Work Commission and in anti-discrimination proceedings.


We act for employers in relation to claims of unfair dismissal, adverse action, bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment, breach of contract and misleading or deceptive conduct.

We also assist our clients to enforce restraints and confidentiality clauses, respond to underpayment and award-based claims, enterprise agreement and Fair Work Act non-compliance claims and provide representation with respect to Work Health and Safety prosecutions and Coronial inquests.