Recording can be accessed here. Magda and Kelly answered the following questions; to listen to their specific answers please click the links below:

  • We would like to reduce our overheads and are looking at introducing a permanent hybrid model where employees must work 2 days a week from home. Can we do this? Answer.
  • Some of our employees expressed concern about celebrating Australia Day and have asked to work the public holiday and have another day off. Can we agree to this? Do we have to? Answer.
  • I have heard that there was a case about casuals last year, and that things have changed. What is the latest? What does my business need to know? Answer.
  • During lockdown it became obvious to us that we no longer require a certain job. We are now going to make this job redundant. Due to COVID, do we have to do this differently? Does it matter that this redundancy is not to save money? Answer.