Workshops with Mayors & Deputy Mayors

Justitia works with Mayors & Deputy Mayors to build their competency to support Councillors who have complaints or are experiencing interpersonal conflict in this leading-edge workshop.

Often, Mayor & Deputy Mayors begin their roles with no skills in this area and are given significant responsibility under legislation and the Code of Conduct to intervene. Our capacity building programme consists of two x two-hour workshops and teaches Justitia’s difficult conversations methodology.

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Why choose this Workshop?

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Sarah Rey – Partner

Sarah is a lawyer, investigator, mediator, mentor, and trainer. Sarah is an experienced reportable conduct investigator and an Evolve accredited ally to ensure we provide a culturally safe experience for First Nations participants. Sarah has an intimate understanding of the processes for conducting sensitive and procedurally fair investigations and regularly conducts training to build the in-house capacity of organisations to investigate matters. Sarah has previously co-lectured on workplace investigations at the University of Melbourne, and helped found the Australasian Association of Workplace Investigators.

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