Justitia lawyers work in a range of industries, providing organisations with the benefit of our extensive industry knowledge and legal expertise – all aimed at supporting leaders and managers to create exceptional work environments.

This support may include identifying the measures that foster a productive and healthy workforce, for example through the introduction of policies and contracts that are best practice and supported with training on appropriate behaviours.

Justitia can also assist you in identifying and managing people and practices that do not align with your organisational values. We provide sounding board advice about legal claims and help organisations defend them in a way that leads to fair and sensible outcomes.


Justitia lawyers work in all areas of education, from the tertiary sector through to TAFEs, schools, kindergartens and foundation program providers.  We advise on the full gamut of issues, whether employment or governance-related; manage and conduct investigations including into allegations of breaches of the Child Safe Standards; provide legal advice about the Reportable Conduct Scheme; and conduct training on appropriate behaviours.  Justitia can also assist with determining whether investigations and investigation reports meet the requirements of the Commission for Children and Young People.


Justitia works with large corporate clients in the energy sector to assist them with managing their employee relations requirements consistent with their values and context. These situations can often be complex and urgent, and for reputational reasons may require immediately responsive and expert advice. Justitia is adept and experienced working in such environments. Our work in the energy sector includes legal advice and representation; advising on and conducting investigations; and providing tailored sector-specific workplace behaviours training.


We work with an array of government agencies assisting with day-to-day employment questions and challenges; litigation (including Fair Work Commission and VCAT claims); investigations; and training.

Justitia lawyers are experts at navigating the complexities of public sector employment issues and public sector industrial and other legal frameworks.  Additionally, we provide advice with regard to IBAC, FOI, Privacy and workers’ compensation legislation.


Over many years, Justitia has developed a niche position as the trusted advisor to a large number of law firms and other professional service organisations, regulators and associations with regard to their employment needs, which may range from contracts and policies through to the handling of Fair Work Commission and Court claims.

We provide expert advice on handling complex conflict situations and on how to resolve them in accordance with best practice in the interests of the parties involved. Our lawyers are regularly sought out due to their independence and gravitas, as both investigators and accredited mediators.


Since 2006, Justitia has worked with Councils to help them create exceptional workplaces. Justitia’s legal practice is unique in that it provides advice to management in the employee relations/people and development/culture space, as well as providing support with regard to challenging governance issues, advising CEOs, governance managers, principal conduct officers and Councillors.

Justitia’s lawyers are retained as Councillor Code of Conduct arbitrators, experienced trainers, workplace investigators and accredited mediators. We are experienced in defending Councils from the full range of legal claims.  Justitia is a member of the Municipal Association of Victoria’s legal panel.

Justitia is a member of the Municipal Association of Victoria’s legal panel.


Some of our clients provide services in the not-for-profit and charity sectors. As well as being faith-based organisations, they may work in education or provide services in the community, disability, housing, community legal or charitable sectors.

Within these sectors, there are a breadth of issues that may require employment and industrial expertise, in relation to restructures, employment contracts and policies and the management of performance and conduct.

Justitia is not only an expert at providing these legal and advisory services, we are also highly experienced at doing so for organisations that typically have very strong faith-based traditions. We have a deep understanding of the values and sensitivities of faith-based and allied organisations, and work with our clients to ensure matters are dealt with sensitively and with respect for all.