On the couch
On the couch


We have a very comfortable virtual couch at Justitia, which is where we have our best discussions. This is what we’re talking about at the moment.

Investigations: We need to get better at responding

Posted by May 30, 2017

Put yourself in the shoes of a respondent in a workplace investigation. There you are, working away in your role and most likely thinking you’re doing good work, and then someone complains about your conduct to HR. You’re called into a meeting and formally advised that an independent investigator – a lawyer even – has […]

Investigations: On ambushing, lie detection and a feather

Posted by Feb 14, 2017

In 2016 I was lucky enough to participate in a week-long training course for workplace investigators run by the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) in Ontario, Canada.  AWI is an association for US-based workplace investigators.  This was the first training course they’d run in conjunction with their Canadian branch, the Canadian Association of Workplace Investigators […]

I’m not biased! Well yes, you are.

Posted by Nov 22, 2016

The truth is that we all have biases in our thinking. From birth, our minds develop quick cognitive pathways that help us to process information that we cannot rigorously analyse every time. These pathways are built on associations. When we observe a pattern of behaviour often enough, our minds will make the associations so quickly […]