Our lawyers are experienced advisors to a range of clients in both the public and private sectors. In addition to this depth of experience, we also apply adaptive and curious minds. We are constantly developing our skills and niche interest areas to keep abreast of the issues that face today’s workplaces and those of the future. Our lawyers are forward-thinking, easy to work with and always looking to learn something new.

At Justitia, we practice what we preach. Our team of lawyers work together in a collaborative environment in which we actively learn from and support each other to do our best work. We celebrate diversity and pride ourselves on promoting a flexible workplace in which we can all participate. This unique workplace culture has been the subject of numerous industry awards and is something we value very highly. Our people matter to us.


Sarah Rey

As the leader of an award-winning legal practice, Sarah, along with her colleagues, has created a unique professional organisation that is values-based and leads by example.



Magda Marciniak

Magda’s professional passion is a tricky legal question about a contract, award or enterprise agreement. From Magda’s perspective, the trickier the question…


Melissa Scadden

Melissa brings an international perspective to the legal team at Justitia. She completed her legal qualifications and training in the United Kingdom…


Laura Douglas

Laura leads Justitia’s workplace investigations and reviews practice. In this capacity, she manages Justitia’s expert team of investigators and advises clients in relation to…


Taboka Finn

Taboka brings a wealth of experience to her advisory work with clients. She commenced her career working in government law…


Nicola Martin

Nicola brings a unique view to Justitia from her public sector experience, where she has developed her interest in the regulation of industrial relations…



Joanna Betteridge

With over 30 years in private legal practice, Joanna is a multifaceted lawyer, who unusually is able to advise in both the employment…



Cathy Fitz Gibbon

Cathy draws on a diverse range of experience accumulated over almost 30 years of advising employers on employment and industrial relations matters in various roles…



Catherine Healy

Catherine brings diverse working experience, gathered from roles in both the public and private sectors, and a healthy sense of humour to her role as trusted advisor to a range of clients.




Justitia has a long tradition of employing current law students as Legal Research Assistants (LRAs). We are immensely proud of our LRA program which, over the years, has provided many law students with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of legal practice in a healthy, respectful and supportive environment. Our LRAs are enthusiastic all-rounders, who assist our lawyers with administration, practice management and research tasks. The smooth functioning of our office is in large part thanks to our LRA team.

We hope that Justitia’s LRA program offers our LRAs a positive experience of working in the law and one that they might one day recreate for the next generation of lawyers entering the profession.

Our LRAs and former LRAs are always looking for new employment opportunities. If you require an employee with legal training and experience who is still at the early stage of their career, please do not hesitate to contact us.